HL 369 Graphite Ring Gasket
HL 369 Graphite Ring Gasket
HL 369 Graphite Ring Gasket
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30 Sep 2019
1 Gram (g)
IDR 01

Specification of

features: Expanded graphite ring is compressed by expanded graphite. It is used as sealing gaskets, packing in all kinds of valves and pumps. This ring has a good resistance and chemical stability to be able to provide an effective sealing function. Additionally, they can be used together with the ring end. They are very stable and reliable, even if in a state of terrible work. Often they are used with reinforced expanded graphite rings form a complete set. The main specifications: PH range 0 ~ 14 Temperature 800 C Non-oxidizing conditions 580 C Steam 580 C oxidizing conditions -200 C Cryogenics Pressure 35 MPa Speed 2 ~ 10 m / s Density 1.6 to 1.7 g / cm3 Gasket. Graphite Gasket

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