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Novotex (Cloth Phenolic)
Novotex (Cloth Phenolic)
Novotex (Cloth Phenolic)
Novotex (Cloth Phenolic)
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Specification of Novotex (Cloth Phenolic)

Phenolic Laminated Sheet / Novotex Rod (bars) / Pertinax Gazette.

Baekelite is a combination of phenol, formaldehyde, and wood flour. The mixture was put under pressure, and after curing, forms a hard plastic material.

Bakelite is also called phenolic paper based laminate sheet, is composed of paper impregnated with resin dipped in baking and hot pressing. laminates are most commonly seen, as well as having the widest application and greatest use.

Bakelite is also called phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet is made of cotton cloth dipped in phenolic resin by baking hot pressing. produced by a modified phenolic resin as a binder and pure cotton fabric as reinforcement.

They have excellent heat resistance and will not creep under high temperature conditions.

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Bakelite feature Sheet / rod:

- Physical excellent, mechanical and dielectric properties

- Resist all kinds of machine surfaces are smooth, no bubbles, eye hemp and dirt

- Sharp edges neatness, surface without delamination and cracking

Bakelite Sheet application / rod In isolation structural parts of electrical equipment Aeronautical industry

Key properties:

- Excellent dielectric strength

- Easy to punch and slide

- High impact and tensile strength

- Highly versatile

- High dimensional stability


insulation is used for parts of electrical equipment and transformers, textile machinery, gears, bearings and frame fixed for noise reduction.

Size: 100cm X 200cm / 120cm X 240cm


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